A story is told...

of the billiards player Willie Hoppe. One day a man asked his manager how Willie always won. His manager answered: "Willie's opponents play Willie, while Willie plays billiards." Focusing on one's passion enables one to become a professional at what one does. My passion is Christian Science healing and teaching. 




Primary Class Instruction is held yearly. If you're wanting to practice Christian Science more systematically, and wishing to learn more about your relationship to God, you're welcome to apply for a space in my upcoming Class. 



The Association of Pupils of Lynn Gray Jackson, CSB, meets yearly, providing pupils with a continuing education course in Christian Science healing. If you would like to visit please contact me for an invitation.


Christian Science offers healing through sole reliance on God, and is available to all wishing to learn more about God and their relationship to Him. I invite you to contact me for more information.